The Workshop

Co-organized by one of the world’s leading experts on Edularp, Morgan March, this half-day workshop will present concrete examples of how interactive narratives can be utilized for teaching, education and learning. Researchers and practitioners within the fields of teaching and narratives will discover new techniques and approaches to constructing and enhancing a pedagogic interactive narrative experience. The methods used, directly relate to many of the challenges and solutions encountered in other media, and these approaches will shed lights on new ways of thinking about interactive learning.

Furthermore, current predominant principles and research results from the Edularp community, professionals and academics will be presented and related to the field of didactics and pedagogic research. These results include suggestions about how to assess learning outcomes and impact of Edularps as well as how to improve educational roleplay experiences through theories about engagement.

The workshop will feature several Edularp demos, in order to provide workshop attendees with their own first-hand experience, which will function as the foundation for a subsequent general discussion of the merits and relevance of Edularp in relation to formal and informal education.


Participants should be willing to commit and contribute to their chosen scenario, in order to provide the best experience for all. The Edularp practical examples will include rudimentary roleplaying and acting, and may challenge personal views and boundaries, just like a good narrative should.

Participants are expected to be academics or practitioners within the field of interactive narratives or teaching and didactics, who are professionally or personally interested in learning more about Edularp and narrative- and character-driven roleplaying game scenarios, both from a theoretical and especially a practical standpoint. No specific skills or prior knowledge is necessary, but participants should be open to new experiences, and should be willing to engage in the Edularp scenarios, so as to ensure a rewarding experience for all.